Cheltenham Restaurants

The Railway – Cheltenham 

Last weekend D completed Tough Mudder for the second time (yes he’s crazy), and we were feeling a little peckish after. The Railway is a cute little pub just over the back of our house that we’ve always overlooked, but having had a few recommendations to visit there lately we thought we’d give it a try. How glad I am that we did – I’m very happy to say it’s our local, and we will be frequenting there often!


When we visited it was a Sunday afternoon, around 5pm. It was very quiet, we pretty much had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Usually I prefer a bit of a buzz, but after a busy day we were happy for some peace and quiet. The pub itself is a huge amount bigger inside than it looks from the outside – deceptively so. It has a long narrow restaurant, with lots of tables, and a lovely little outside beer garden. It feels like the Cotswold countryside charm has been brought into the town centre. They do a quiz on a Tuesday night, and live music the first Friday of every month. I’m definitely looking forward to going back when the place is busier.


We were welcomed by 2 extremely friendly staff members, who seated us and got us a drink. It’s a fairly casual environment, and you go up to the bar to order. Despite this, we still felt really well looked after, the service was excellent (and always with a smile – the most important part of being a waitress/waiter!). It felt very relaxed and local, like if we visit there often we would be known by the staff – a trait I love at a local pub.


And then came the food. I just need 3 simple letters to sum it up – WOW. The menu is extensive, known for their sausages you can choose from a huge variety of flavours, different mash potatoes and gravies. I had apple and cider sausages with mustard mash and beef and red wine gravy. It was incredible. Piled high, I was full to the brim afterwards having enjoyed a tingling of the tastebuds, there were so many different flavours which all fit perfectly together. The sausages were a little more cooked than I would have done, but with the crisp, fruity flavour that cut through them I didn’t mind. It was the best mustard mash I’ve had, and the gravy gave it all a lovely rich bodied finish. IMG_2323.JPGAs we were there on a Sunday, you had the option of roast dinner. You could either have meat, or a sausage roast dinner with all the trimmings. D went for the roast beef, and again the plate came piled high with a large variety of veg, potatoes, meat and Yorkshire. I tried it and it was lovely, again the meat was a little more done than we would have gone for, but there was so much to take in it didn’t matter. The roast potatoes we lovely and fluffy on the inside, and really crisp outside. And again, the gravy flavours rounded it all off perfectly. IMG_2324.JPG

Price and rating

We couldn’t get over how reasonable it was. Every meal on a Sunday is £9.50 (unless you add extras), which is a small price to pay for an extremely good meal, which I would be proud to serve if it were my restaurant. My only advice would be for them to ask you how well done you like your meat for the roast, and perhaps not to crisp the sausages so much.

Image result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbolImage result for spoon symbol/10

I cannot wait to go back, and to take all my family and friends there too!


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