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Bottle of Sauce Does Brunch – Cheltenham

It’s no secret at all that I LOVE the bottle of sauce in Cheltenham (and their sister pubs in Oxford). They win at life, every time. The burgers and pizzas are both equally awesome.

Well there’s something else in town that’s getting the people of Cheltenham talking, and for all the right reasons. They’ve got a fabulous brunch menu and I advise you go and try it out because it is simply delicious!


Well there’s something else in town that’s getting the people of Cheltenham talking, and for all the right reasons. They’ve got a fabulous brunch menu and I advise you go and try it out because it is simply delicious!The Bottle of Sauce Brunch


This place is cool. I feel like that makes me sound like I’ve aged a few decades, but I absolutely love the laid back atmosphere in The Bottle of Sauce. There are a number of different areas that you can sit in, they have a restaurant style area by the kitchen, a covered garden, a relaxed bar and a games room. There is somewhere for everyone depending on what vibe you’re going for.


The food is divine. I honestly think (depending on what you’re after) this is some of the best food in Cheltenham, when it comes to good, hearty, pub-style grub. You can tell a good pizza place by their margerita, and theirs is great. But we’re not here to talk about that – we’re here to talk about brunch.

The great thing about their brunch menu is the variety. Between 4 of us we were able to try a few things off the menu, and each and every one of them was great.

Eggs Benny – Difficult for me to judge – honest answer here – as I don’t like eggs! But my friend thoroughly enjoyed it, and whilst I don’t like to eat eggs I can appreciate a good yolk – when she cut into them it was beautifully orange and runny, and for someone who wasn’t feeling 100% when we were there, she did a fantastic job of eating it. The dish overall looked fantastic, it almost enticed me into trying eggs again.

Eggs Benny

 The Boss Man – Breakfast for someone who is hungry. Lets face it we all love a good full english. I judge it by it’s hash browns, and thanks to this being delivered to my little friend (who is nearly 3) who couldn’t manage it all, I got a whole one to myself. It was delicious. The whole thing was a win.The Boss Man The Sausage Butty Brekkie Bun – Being a blogger, I love a photogenic plate of food. And that’s exaclty what this is. What more could you want than sausage and cheese in a bun. I was tempted to order this minus the egg for myself, and was a little sad that I hadn’t. It was pure beauty. Mainly because of that cheese. And word was that it was perfectly tasty.

Sausage Patty Brekkie Bun

Chicken & Waffles – Okay so I saved the best until last. Chicken and waffles is a thing. I promise you – it’s big right now. And it sounds so wrong, but it’s so, so right. The waffles were crispy & fluffy all at once, and when added to the salty, succulent chicken and the sweet maple syrup I experienced a taste sensation in my mouth. I’m salivating just thinking about it. I need to get back down there for another one. And so should you!Chicken & Waffles


The service in The Bottle of Sauce ties in perfectly with their atmosphere. It is relaxed and friendly, you feel like you’re in your local. And it’s fast. Really fast. Everytime I go back here I feel welcome, and can see that the staff really enjoy being there. If you’ve not been to The Bottle of Sauce (or their other branches in Oxford – The Rusty Bicycle and The Rickety Press) I strongly advise you to.

Price and Rating

It’s a bargain. All of their breakfast menu is under £10. Their dinner menus all sit around £10 as well for pizza or a burger. But their midweek deals are insane. On a Monday, you can get a burger (all day!) for a fiver, and Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes they do pizza for a fiver – it costs you less than a Starbucks and is so much better!




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