Hi, I’m Lou, also known as Cheltenham Foodie.

I love eating out, baking, and drinking (predominantly gin). I once had a phobia of food – trying new things is still scary to me, I’m the kid that grew up on roast dinners, cottage pie and bangers and mash (not forgetting chicken nuggets). Since I met my (now) fiancé (D), he has encouraged me to widen my horizons, and I’ve got great at trying lots of different new cuisines, spanish tapas is something I wouldn’t have touched 5 years ago and now it’s one of my favourite meals.

I work for Deliveroo, as a restaurant account manager, so my life is food. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about, so I love visiting new restaurants and bars, and sharing my experiences with you all.

I hope you can enjoy some of the amazing places I’ve visited too, and if you have any suggestions of places I need to try, please reach out.

Thanks for taking the time to read, it means a lot!

P xx (p.s. my surname is Paige, I can also be known as Paigey!)