Cheltenham Restaurants

The Indian Guy – Cheltenham and Beyond

Have you been to visit The Indian Guy yet? If you haven’t - he’s a must go see! Relatively new to the Cheltenham (and beyond) food scene, Jin and his wife Esther are cooking up some of the greatest Indian street food I’ve tasted, and it’s all vegetarian (trust me, as an avid meat eater,… Continue reading The Indian Guy – Cheltenham and Beyond

Cheltenham Restaurants

Holee Cow does Brunch – Cheltenham

You might think of Holee Cow as a burger restaurant (and one of the best in Cheltenham at that). You would be correct. However, there’s more to them than that. They also do an insane brunch menu (and don’t forget Holee Clucker is coming soon – now that I am truly excited about) and they… Continue reading Holee Cow does Brunch – Cheltenham

Cheltenham Restaurants

Bottle of Sauce Does Brunch – Cheltenham

It's no secret at all that I LOVE the bottle of sauce in Cheltenham (and their sister pubs in Oxford). They win at life, every time. The burgers and pizzas are both equally awesome. Well there's something else in town that's getting the people of Cheltenham talking, and for all the right reasons. They've got… Continue reading Bottle of Sauce Does Brunch – Cheltenham

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Afternoon Tea At The Manor At Weston On The Green – Oxfordshire

It's not often I turn down an afternoon tea, and this was certainly no exception! The Manor at Weston on the green is in Oxfordshire, and to celebrate the fact that they've got their own food festival coming up in September they invited me over to have a look around, and try out their delightful… Continue reading Afternoon Tea At The Manor At Weston On The Green – Oxfordshire